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Fundraising Guidelines and Details

We truly appreciate your interest in helping to raise awareness about our life-saving work. We ask that you please keep our mission and reputation in mind by adhering to the following guidelines during the planning and execution of your fundraiser. Click here to get started >>


The individual or business hosting the fundraiser/event is responsible for its organization and execution, including the payment for and obtainment of all permits, licenses and any insurance or liability coverage.


The net amount or percentage that will be donated to PAWS Chicago should be clearly stated on promotional materials. If PAWS Chicago is not the recipient of all event proceeds, please indicate on promotional materials the exact percentage or dollar amount that benefits PAWS Chicago. Example: 70% of proceeds go to PAWS Chicago.

All donation solicitations, including those from corporations, for gifts of $5,000 or more must be cleared by PAWS Chicago before they are made Checks from fundraising proceeds should be made payable to PAWS Chicago and must submitted directly to the organization within 30 days of the date of the event.

Please call 773-475-3307 with any questions regarding how to make your donation.


All fundraising-related publicity in which PAWS Chicago’s name and/or logo is used must be approved by PAWS Chicago before distribution to the public.

When referring to the organization in print or media, the name “PAWS Chicago” must be used, never just “PAWS.” For legal purposes, PAWS Chicago’s name may only be included in the fundraising title as the beneficiary of the event. For example, your event may not be titled “PAWS Chicago’s Stand Up Comedy Show,” but rather it should be promoted as “Stand Up Comedy Show to benefit PAWS Chicago.”


We would love to help make your fundraiser a success, and here are some ways that we can contribute to your fundraising efforts:

  • Provide a logo and approve of logo usage (when appropriate)
  • Send you informational materials to distribute, such as PAWS Chicago brochures and pamphlets
  • Provide our Tax ID number for donation purposes
  • Lend you an official PAWS Chicago donation box to collect donations

Note: If you expect your fundraiser to exceed $5,000, please contact PAWS for additional promotional and sponsorship opportunities. 


  • Access to our mailing list and/or vendors
  • Promotion of your event or product through our social media outlets Any city license fees or applications associated with your event, including a raffle license
  • Sales tax exemption letter Insurance or liability coverage
  • Guaranteed attendance of adoptable dogs and/or cats at your event
  • Guaranteed on-site representation of PAWS Chicago staff or volunteers


If you want to send a donation and card in honor of a person, pets or special occasions, please visit our Tributes and Memorials Section.


Learn more about giving through your corporation and about our corporate partnership programs in our Corporate Giving Section. 


Participants will be able to enter offline gifts (cash/checks/corporate matching gifts) before they are received by PAWS Chicago. This can be done by logging into your participant center and clicking the "enter gift" button. Once these gifts are received, they will be added to members' fundraising total and webpage. Please note, until these gifts are physically received and processes by the PAWS Chicago office, they will NOT be counted towards your fundraising minimum. 


  • If you receive cash, please deposit the cash to your own bank account and in turn, make an online donation to your own page or mail a check on the donor or event's behalf.
  • DO NOT drop off or mail cash to the PAWS Chicago Development Office or Adoption Center; it will not be accepted. Please send check donations to: PAWS Chicago Development Office, Attn: PAWS Create Your Own Fundraiser, 1933 N. Marcey St. Chicago, IL 60614
  • Make checks payable to PAWS Chicago, print "PAWS Create Your Own Fundraiser" and your FULL NAME in the memo section of the check with a note attached to the check stating the same information.
  • Please keep a track of the donation amount, check number, check date and names of the donors (as they appear on the check) who sent in checks in the event that they don’t appear on your fundraising page. Checks dropped of or mailed in may take up to two weeks to be added to personal fundraising pages.


If you want to set up a fundraiser but do not want to use these online tools, you simply need to download and fill out this pdf to get started: Community Partner Proposal Form.

Completed forms can be emailed to cyo@pawschicago.org or mailed to: 

PAWS Chicago
Attn: Create Your Own Fundraiser
1933 N. Marcey St.
Chicago IL 60614

Please call 773.475.3307 with any questions.